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Chocolate Diet In Georgia?

Ellaville Weight Loss Chocolate Eventually, it happens to every Ellaville man or woman who has taken a haphazard approach to diet and exercise. The Health Reckoning. The Big Wake-up Call. Harsh Reality.

Call it what you may, but eventually us Ideal slackers all realize that we have to live a healthy lifestyle to feel good, look good, and stay active.

For many Oglethorpe folks, that means improving diet and incorporating more exercise into chaotic schedules. Perhaps Oglethorpe teens and Andersonville twenty-somethings can function without nutritious food, adequate sleep and regular exercise without noticing any ill-effects. But that lifestyle cannot continue indefinitely without serious consequence.

Our metabolism slows down as we age. It seems to take more discipline to maintain a healthy weight at 45 vs 25, especially around Georgia. If you are having a hard time keeping your weight at a sensible level because you indulge in chocolate regularly, Xocai antioxidant chocolate is for you. Xocai delivers the dark chocolate fix without the fat and calories found in conventional chocolate products you find around Ellaville.

My name is Derrick Winkel. I would love to chat with you about all the health benefits of Xocai healthy dark chocolate. I hold Xocai meetings at Xocai Online in the Ellaville area . I invite you to join me at my next meeting. If you want to lose weight but still enjoy chocolate daily, I can show you how. Contact me at 949 412-1001 or for information about my next meeting.

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies In Ellaville?

Chocolate Nutrition in Oglethorpe Many Ellaville people still believe the following fallacy: ‘If it tastes good, it must be bad for you.’ Andersonville folks who have tried Xocai Power Squares or Nuggets know that some health chocolate is delicious. But what about healthy chocolate chip cookies? Achieving perfect cookie texture can be tricky, even when using traditional heart-clogging ingredients. Successful baking requires a degree of precision not necessary in many other types of food preparation.

Xocai figured out how to make a chocolate nutrition cookie with all the necessary elements: correct chip/cookie ratio, satisfying texture, proper sweetness level, and genuine chocolate flavor.

X Powerhouse cookies are loaded with antioxidant chocolate chips, natural sweeteners and (surprise!) fiber. What do Xocai X Powerhouse cookies lack? Refined sugars, trans-fats, chemicals and the guilt factor.

Snacking on X Powerhouse Cookies can help break the cycle of unhealthy dietary habits. You and your family can still experience the great taste and decadence of a snack food without suffering the dangerous health consequences. Xocai is the chocolate nutrition company for Oglethorpe families who are trying to live healthier.

I am Derrick Winkel, an independent Ellaville Xocai distributor. Xocai antioxidant chocolate products are helping my family live healthier. If you eat chocolate regularly, you may want to try Xocai. My phone number is 949 412-1001. I love to share Xocai with Oglethorpe chocolate lovers who want to replace the bad with the good.

Give me a call if you have questions about Xocai dark chocolate or the Xocai Ideal business opportunity.

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Prosper With Your Ellaville Xocai Chocolate Business

Ellaville Xocai Home-Based Business MXI Chocolate continues to receive positive media attention. The winter 2011 issue of Prosper Magazine focuses exclusively on the Oglethorpe Xocai Healthy Chocolate business opportunity.

Here are some quotes from Prosper Magazine:

“After looking at this tasty company in-depth, one word comes to mind: unique. Unlike many network marketing companies that produce ‘me too’ products, Xocai’s signature product (healthy dark chocolate) is a one-of-a-kind in this industry.” -editor Matt Bennett

“Many people who have joined Xocai have noticed dramatic improvements in health and also benefited financially from the company’s network marketing business plan.”-editor Matt Bennett

“From the beginning, Xocai has always been interested in doing things the best way possible, and it shows. The company has experienced exponential growth every year since its 2005 founding.” -staff writer Natalie Hollingshead

The Prosper Xocai issue highlights several successful Xocai antioxidant chocolate distributors and shows how Xocai has changed their lives. Check out their inspirational stories. You will notice that Xocai is an ‘equal opportunity’ organization.

Motivated Ellaville people can excel regardless of age, gender, vocation, or socioeconomic level.

If you are unemployed in Ellaville or interested in supplementing your Andersonville income, I recommend that you read the Xocai issue of Prosper Magazine to learn about MXI antioxidant chocolate. The issue is chock full of articles about Xocai researched and written by journalists not employed by MXI Corp.

To purchase a copy you can email or visit the Prosper Magazine website.

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Ellaville Can Lose Weight With Chocolate!

I want to share this exciting video with my friends in Ellaville Georgia because it brings some wonderful news: You can lose weight eating chocolate! It’s true!

In this video you’ll see a Channel 2 News Health Watch report about losing weight with chocolate. Channel 2 interviews Andrew Brooks, the founder of Xocai. Andrew talks about our recent Lifestyle Study in which each participant lost about 6 inches off their waste size!

Dean Miceli, a participant in the Xocai Lifestyle Study, says he has adjusted his target weight DOWN because he believes he can achieve more weight loss using Xocai Meal Replacement Shake; Amazing!

Dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants, and with the inclusion of acai, you are getting an incredible amount of antioxidants and nutrition in a great tasting healthy chocolate.

If you are interested in learning more about Xocai healthy dark chocolate, or want to learn how you can lose weight with chocolate, please give me a call; I’ll be happy to share all the great tasting details!

—Derrick Winkel; I enjoy the xocai healthy dark chocolate!

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Billion Dollar Chocolate For Oglethorpe?

Oglethorpe Weight Loss Chocolate Many Ellaville people are considering starting their own home-based business. If you are in the process of researching your options, I urge you to consider becoming an independent Xocai healthy chocolate distributor.

I am Derrick Winkel, and I share Xocai health chocolate in Oglethorpe and the surrounding communities. It doesn’t matter if you live in Ellaville, Andersonville, or Ellaville; Xocai is a hot seller all over the world.

Perhaps you are not a die-hard Ellaville chocolate lover. What about your Andersonville friends and Ideal colleagues? How many of them eat chocolate regularly? When you grocery shop at your local Oglethorpe market, do you ever visit the candy aisle? Have you noticed the amount of space devoted to chocolate? What about the limited display area at the checkout counter? How many different brands of chocolate are sold in that coveted retail space? By 2011, the US chocolate market is expected to reach $18 billion. (Yes, that is a ‘b’!)

If you are a chocolate lover, answer this question: Do you stop buying chocolate during times of economic hardship? If you do, you are in the minority. Market research shows that chocolate demand is ‘recession-proof.’ Somehow, chocolate addicts find a way to satisfy their chocolate needs even when money is tight.

Can I point out another billion dollar market that is exploding in Oglethorpe? You probably guessed that it is the health and wellness industry. The beautiful thing about Xocai antioxidant chocolate is that it fits into both categories: the chocolate and wellness industries. Xocai is healthy dark chocolate for both chocolate lovers and health supplement consumers. If you are unfamiliar with the nutrients contained in Xocai dark chocolate, see my Xocai website.

If you would like to review Xocai weight loss chocolate, contact me today. My phone number is 949 412-1001.

I enjoy the xocai healthy dark chocolate!

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Healthy Chocolate Shake?

Andersonville Healthy Energy Hello healthy chocolate friends, I am Derrick Winkel, an enthusiastic Xocai chocolate distributor based in Ellaville. I hold informal Xocai meetings in Ellaville, Andersonville, Ellaville, and Ideal. I am excited to introduce the newest beverage on the Xocai healthy chocolate menu: The X ProteinMeal Replacement Shake.

If you are a long-time Ellaville chocolate protein shake drinker, you will love the X ProteinMeal Shake. With an ORACfn score of over 50,000, you can promote cellular health as you energize! Many Xocai users have added the ProteinMeal shake to their daily Xocai plan. However, if you were only going to use one Xocai product; this would be the one! Why? Because it is a complete meal replacement. You can have an X ProteinMeal Shake for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and help your body in several different ways:

  1. You will boost your energy.
  2. You will receive a potent dose of antioxidants.
  3. You can lose weight.

I love the taste of the X ProteinMeal Replacement Shake. Like all Xocai healthy chocolate products, it has a genuine dark chocolate flavor. If you are not a shake person but like your chocolate served in a glass, you may enjoy Xocai’s Activ or the Xe Energy Drink. Activ is a good choice for those who avoid artificial flavors, added colors and preservatives. Xocai created Activ for the ‘all-natural’ chocolate lover. In addition to cacao and acai berries, the Xe Energy Drink Xe contains wild blueberry, grape, goji, raspberry, wild bilberry, cranberry, elderberry, apple, cherry, strawberry, and boysenberry. It’s a potent energy cocktail that will open your eyelids and keep you going strong all day.

To order the X ProteinMeal Replacement Shake, call me at 949 412-1001 or send a note from my Contact page. If you would like to sample the shake or any other Xocai healthy chocolate product before ordering, please join me at my next meeting. Call or email me for the time, date, and location.

I enjoy the xocai healthy dark chocolate!

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Oglethorpe MLM Success?

Ellaville MLM Secrets How do you feel about Ideal MLMs? Does the term ‘direct marketing’ conjure up images of Oglethorpe friends pestering you to buy soap?

Perhaps you have a positive view of Ellaville MLMs. Maybe you know several Ellaville direct marketers who are making a lucrative income selling quality products.

I am Organic Energy Chocolate Consultant Derrick Winkel of Ellaville. Many of the Andersonville business owners in my Xocai business initially had a neutral or negative opinion of Oglethorpe network marketing companies. Why did they change their mind and join the Ideal healthy chocolate revolution?

They learned the truth about the Xocai antioxidant chocolate opportunity:

  • Xocai dark chocolate enhances health and there is scientific evidence to prove it
  • MXI corp has exclusive rights to its cold-press technology. In a nutshell – Xocai has No Competition.
  • The Xocai passive income opportunity is legitimate. Xocai publishes the compensation plan right on their website. Visit and compare the Xocai earnings structure to any other plan in the industry.
  • Americans eat, on average, twelve pounds of chocolate a year! (You can eat twelve pounds of Xocai chocolate yearly and improve your health.) You do not need to ‘discover’ a new market – it’s already there.
  • Media reports on the health benefits of chocolate are increasing continually. What does that mean for Ellaville Xocai distributors? Free favorable publicity!

      If you have never jumped into the MLM waters, now is the time. You can contact me at 949 412-1001 or I would love to share my Xocai success story with you.
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Buy Antioxidant Chocolate in Ellaville

Buy Antioxidant Chocolate in Ellaville Do you need a healthy snack to keep in your locker for a post-workout bite at your Ellaville gym? Do you want a guilt-free morsel to nibble while you are stuck in traffic on a Georgia interstate? How about a healthy breakfast bar to grab when you rush out of your Andersonville home on your way to work?

Xocai antioxidant chocolate bars are a convenient and delicious health food that tastes like candy. The Xocai Protein Bar is the perfect low-calorie (140 calories), high-protein (10g), and high-fiber (5g) meal-on-the-go providing the necessary antioxidants, carbohydrates, and vitamins (25% DV) for peak performance.

The Xocai Protein Bar is for Ideal calories-be-damned chocoholics, Ellaville health nuts and everyone in between.

Xocai Protein Bars are just one of the delicious weight-loss chocolate products sold by Xocai. Xocai (show-sigh) developed a revolutionary chocolate manufacturing process that preserves the high antioxidant contents of natural cacao. Xocai is the only company that sells honest-to-goodness healthy chocolate. You can see the nutritional information for all of Xocai’s products at

I am Derrick Winkel. In the past, if I was rushed and hungry, I would sometimes eat unhealthy junk food. I had been looking for something satisfying and nutritious to keep on hand for such times. Then I discovered Xocai healthy chocolate. At first, I thought “Healthy Chocolate” sounded like a Xocai scam. But Xocai delivers. Their antioxidant dark chocolate products are actually extremely nutritious. I was so impressed with the company and their weight-loss chocolate products that I decided to become a Xocai distributor.

Would you like to sample a Xocai protein bar? Are you interested in learning about an incredible income opportunity in a wide open Oglethorpe market? If so, we need to talk. Here is my contact info: phone – 949 412-1001, email –

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Weight Loss Chocolate in Ellaville

Weight Loss Chocolate in Ellaville Jeanette Brooks may not yet be famous in Ellaville, but she probably will be in the near future. Why? Because of Jeanette Brooks, Andersonville and Ellaville chocolate lovers have a healthy chocolate option. It’s called Xocai.

Xocai healthy chocolate products are new on the health scene in Oglethorpe but they are quickly gaining popularity.

I’m Derrick Winkel. Jeanette Brooks is the co-founder of Xocai, the original antioxidant chocolate manufacturer. I sell Xocai Weight Loss Chocolate in Ellaville and Andersonville. I am living proof that Xocai healthy chocolate is not only ‘non-harmful’ (though that would be a significant fact on its own) it is ‘health enhancing’. My health is improving as I regularly enjoy Xocai Chocolate every day.

Jeanette Brooks and Xocai are the real thing; She was the first to create weight loss chocolate products with her former company, Pure De-Lite, and things have been getting better ever since. With Jeanette Brooks’ leadership, XoCai healthy chocolate has evolved beyond Pure De-Lite’s impressive products.

Xocai was the first to add acai berries to cacao. Acai berries are packed with nutrition. It’s no wonder that ace berries can be found in the leading nutritional supplements available in Ideal and Andersonville. However, only Jeanette has paired acai with chocolate. And it’s a match made in heaven.

If your mouth is watering for chocolate and you’re also craving supplemental income, join me at my next healthy chocolate meeting for a fun Xocai review. You will be able to try a sample of Xocai Xe and learn about Xocai network marketing secrets.

I can be reached at 949 412-1001 and

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Life is Better At Home In Ellaville

Oglethorpe Online Marketplace Opportunity What does it mean to have a ‘home business’ in Ellaville?

Do you picture Andersonville day care providers? Ellaville cosmetologists who cut hair, give manicures, and do eyelash extensions in their in-home salons? How about Ideal piano teachers, Ellaville personal trainers, Andersonville math tutors, Oglethorpe financial planners, Andersonville computer programmers and Ideal writers that work at home in Georgia?

It is not unheard of that a brilliant engineer who invents medical products does so from a Ellaville home.

Think of all the advantages of running a business in your Oglethorpe home! You don’t have to spend time and money commuting. You can write off some of your mortgage and utilities. You can save money on business clothing. You can work without constant interruptions from a co-worker who shares an office.

You don’t have to spend your life in a gray, windowless cubicle.

Network marketing is the ideal home business. Many new Andersonville MLMs don’t require associates to store inventory at home. They ship from ‘warehouse to their house’ when you place an order for a customer. Your business will not take over your whole home or apartment.

My family is happier since I became a Xocai Xe Energy Drink entrepreneur in March, 2005. The online marketplace for Xocai Xe is virtually untapped. It is a great time to become a Xocai Xe distributor in Oglethorpe.

Join my team and enjoy the home business lifestyle. I can be reached at 949 412-1001 or

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